Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer

3 Phase Air Cooled

Capacity range upto 200 KVA 3Ph


Data Log: Last 100 fault events log with Date & Time stamp and works on FIFO basis.
Optional:Out Door Model also Available

High Reliability

Uses Solid state control circuits, Synchrnous motor drive, No warm-up time, No relays, Professional grade ICs and components are used.

Trouble free operation

Quick response time 10 millisec (half a cycle), Efficiency, Low losses, Low temp. rise and withstands in all climate conditions, Provides perfectly stable output power even under severe conditions of voltage fluctuations, Zero wave-form distortion, Unaffected by load power factor, Ruggedized construction Enclosure-IP32, Mounting- Floor Mounted/Free on Wheel, Servo Motor Drive- Rugged AC step synchronous motors.

• CNC Machines
• Telecommunications Equipments
• Bio Medical Equipments
• Large Computer Installations
• Printing Machinery
• Scientist Equipments
• Cell Phone Networks
• Garments Equipments
• Textile Machineries etc

Ouput Input Rating Available
Particular Standards
Input Voltage Range 300 - 460V / 340 - 480V / 360 - 460V AC 3 Ph
Operating Frequency 47 to 53Hz
Operating Voltage Adjustable 380 to 415V AC in 3 Ph
Output Voltage (3Ph) 415V AC 3 Ph
System Unbalanced 4 wires: R Y B N
Connections Star
Overload Capacity 120 %
Correction Rate 30 / 25V per Sec-3 Phase
Output Voltage Regulation ± l% (No Load & Full Load)
Short Circuit period & Percentage 300% for 250 Milli Sec.
Waveform Distortion Nil
Output Waveform True Reproduction of Input
Insulation Class F
Normal Operation Temperature 0° C to 45° C
Type of Cooling Natural air cooled up to 200 KVA
Climate Conditions 0% Rh Max. Non Condensing at 35°C
Mode of System Fully Automatic
System Construction As per IS : 9815 - 1991

Indications Programmable Controls
• Input ON 3 LED Indications, • Display Scrolling -
• 3ph output ON indication Auto / Manual
• Phase Reversal indication • Start / Stop Buttons
• Over Load indication Menu / Start / Stop / Reset / Log Button

Systems Indications in LCD Display
• Single Phasing Preventor Output ON indication
• Output Electronic Over Load Protection Output high Voltage Cut-off
• Phase Reversal Protection Output low Voltage Cut-off
• Input Short Circuit Protection with MCB/MCCB Micro Controller Technology.
• Input Over Load Protection with MCB/MCCB
• Output Low Voltage Protection
• Output High Voltage Protection

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