Automatic Power Factor Control Panel

Capacity range upto 1000 kVAR


Power Factor Controllers are designed to operate, Automatically with Micro Processor Based Automatic Controller
Use a specially designed electronic control circuit that improves power factor to meet requirements of load switching pattern
Improvement of power factor up to optimum levels is guaranteed
Product range: 20 KVAr to 1000 KVAr.
We provide solutions for improving plant power factor by installing our APFC panel
Heavy duty capacitors with detuned filters will be provided where high level non linear harmonies present upto 30%

Salient Features
• All major components are of standard make like Siemens, Epcos, L&T and Schneider
• Microprocessor based automatic controllerwith power factor display
• All components are carefully integrated for reliable performance and longerlife
• Capacitor duty Contactors and MCB or MCCB, are used to switch ON capacitors to minimize switching surges
• Uses small correction steps to maintain accurate setting
• Auto / Manual Facility, Cooling Facility
• Very low watt losses
• ln-built time delay for switching ON of a capacitor bank to avoid impulse signal operation. All capacitor feeders have Auto / Manual mode facility with fuse protection and isolation
• Payback period is 8 to 10 months
• Reduction in maximum demand
• Energy saving Up to 5%
• Low powerfactor penalty can be avoided
• Extended life forSwitch Gears, Capacitors and Cables
• Avoid manual disruptions
• Avoid high current consumption losses
• Reduction in Electricity Bill
Most suitable for
• Manufacturing Companies • Cement and Paper Mills
• BPO Organizations • Offices & Buildings
• Shopping Malls • Hotel & Restaurants
• Steel Mills • Rice Mills
• Spinning Mills • Hospitals
• Cinema Halls / Multiplexes

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